Use of geothermal energy

This year, we will start using geothermal energy.

It is the first geothermal well in the inner city of Liptovský Mikuláš and the first geothermal well designed for industrial energy purposes in Slovakia. We will mainly use the geothermal energy obtained for preheating the industrial water used in wet production processes, which will significantly reduce natural gas consumption.

Local photovoltaic power

In 2023, we will set up our own photovoltaic source with an output of 1.3 MWp.

The energy from this ecological source will mainly be used to run machines and equipment in production. The operation of both ecological sources of energy will place our company among the producers with significantly sustainable production.

Cooling technology

In the new technology, we use
ammonia-based refrigerant R723.

In the new technology, we use ammonia-based refrigerant R723, which has a GWP (global warming potential) value of less than 10. This means a reduction in CO2 production by 8.7 tons/year compared to the previous technology.

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