Wet blue

Wet blue – chrome tanned leather. It can be used in a wide range of final products, but is most suitable for shoemaking, leather goods, and garments, as well as for the automotive industry.

Wet white

Wet white – leather tanned using synthetic tanning agents, also referred to as "metal-free" or "chrome-free”.

Wet green

Wet green – leather tanned with vegetable extract of olive leaves.

Zeo white

Zeo white – zeolite tanned leather.


Crust – a type of leather that has been possibly dyed, dried, and is ready for sorting or finishing.

Finished leather

Finished leather – crust with surface finishing in order to obtain protection, feel, handle, and fashionable effects.
Areas of use

Many thanks to the whole SlovTan-Team for your great job concerning Quality, Flexibility and Reliability!

Achim Lüke

I started contract tanning at Slovtan early 2022. They were very helpful for all formalities during startup. Besides that, very good service and contacts in our everyday work with them. Slovtan is a reliable partner for our activity.

Mathieu Geeroms

Our company RYFFEL PELLI SA has been collaborating with SLOVTAN for more than two years and we can say that up to now we are completely satisfied. Excellent communication between our and their staff. Precision in delivery times and quality specifications have always been met. We look forward to continuing the cooperation on this basis.

Ryffel Pelli
Livio Pellini

Having a partnership approach in terms of providing leather processing services and product quality standards, we have developed cooperation that has helped us to raise our strategy to another level and provide a wider range of possibilities to our customers.

Capital Hides Ltd
Midhat Muhamedagic

For many years SlovTan and SoftArt Leder GmbH have been working together as partners in leather. SoftArt Leder GmbH manufactures high-quality leather at SlovTan for use in fashion, shoe, furniture, objects, equestrian sports and aircraft. For SoftArt Leder GmbH the high competence in all areas of leather production, the high environmental and social standards and the ultra-modern production facilities are decisive criteria that SlovTan fulfills at all times, in addition to the partnership cooperation.

SoftArt Leder GmbH
Josef Göggel

Many thanks for the good and cooperative partnership so far, which we would like to continue in the future.

A+B Hides
Carsten Cleven

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